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Revealed: How to use the camera in Your Pocket to make INCREDIBLE Videos to market your Business!

“Years and YEARS of professional experience in his niche have positioned Jules as a go-to-guy in the world of online video – FACT! I’ve used video online for over two years, but Pocket Video Power STILL taught me loads of stuff I hadn’t even thought of. I highly recommend it to everyone wanting to get started with utilizing the power of video online!”
Chris Ducker,

  • Pocket Video Power comprises 5 action packed Modules of exclusive Video content.
  • No overwhelm. You can start anytime and follow the training at your own pace with no time restrictions.
  • My training comprises a mix of Videos, PDF’s and actionable tasks PLUS interaction with me.
  • I’ll give you individual feedback on your Videos. You don’t get this type of interaction with courses costing 5x the price!
  • There are 40 valuable Videos in total, making over 4 hours of professionally produced content.
  • Free access to any future updates I make.
  • There’s FREE MUSIC to download for your Videos. (requires credit)
  • There’s a handy list of the Top Video Gear I recommend. (This will save you both time and money!)
  • You can watch the Videos 24/7 on your PC or on your Ipad/Iphone.
Here’s a full breakdown of the contents!

Module 1 – Using the Power of You to create authentic Videos.

  • I’ll show you why YOU are the most powerful Video Marketing Tool you have. Putting yourself on camera will help you connect with your prospects and build trust.
  • See me coach an Online Marketer to make her first on camera Video. This is NOT just me telling you what to do via powerpoint, you’ll see real world live situations.
  • Watch behind the scenes as I work with Miss Nutritionist. You’ll learn the best way to create a Blog Video that stands out from the crowd.
  • Need a Squeeze Video to boost your sign-ups? I visit a Life Coach to show you how to make a professional looking Conversion Video to attract more subscribers to your list.
  • You’ll discover how to choose the right location (get it wrong and you can damage your business) and how to use simple lighting.
  • I will give one of your existing Videos a Professional appraisal. This type of personal feedback is worth 2x the cost of this training!
  • You’ll see case studies showing the effective use of authentic Video including Videos you can make if you don’t want to appear on screen for too long yourself!

Module 2 – The Message – Use Video to reach your goals.

  • Forget about wooden Corporate style Videos. I’ll show you tricks to get your message across in the age of social media.
  • Don’t know what to say in your Videos? We continue with the Conversion Video training and I give you a 3 part script that converts like crazy.
  • How to capture ‘behind the scenes’ of your Business. Reality TV is huge, leverage people’s curiosity to benefit your Biz!
  • How to film your Presentations to share with your audience on your own site and on social networks. (This is a fast way to build your fan base).
  • An exclusive Directing masterclass, learn my TV tricks to take your Videomaking up a level and attract more buzz.

Module 3 – Customer Testimonials + Interviews (To get Social Proof + Traffic!) Find out …

  • How to make compelling Video Customer Testimonials that will help your site convert.
  • A step by step checklist of what to ask your customers on camera. (Ask the wrong questions and you waste the opportunity).
  • See how I coach a business owner on location to film a real life testimonial.
  • How to organise and film quality interviews to get more traffic.
  • The interview questions you MUST ask to get the best out of your subject.
  • How to film ‘on the fly’ interviews at expos and conferences and get the best out of your Pocket Cam under challenging conditions.
  • How to shoot double headed interviews and capture great Audio.
  • Share an Interview inside the site for feedback. I’ve carried out hundreds of interviews so hopefully I can give you some pointers!

Miss Nutritionist uses Pocket Video Power on her homepage!

Module 4 – Editing Tricks to make Videos that jump out on screen.

  • Ever noticed how slick TV shows are and how they compel you to keep watching and tune in every week? You don’t need to be a pro-editor to do this, I’ll show you how to easily apply these techniques to your Videos to build YOUR fanbase.
  • Good editing is NOT about the software, it’s about the mindset. I’ll show you why.
  • You’ll discover how to energize your Videos quickly by using the tips I’ve picked up from working hundreds of hours with Top Professional Editors.
  • Find out how to edit Videos that people will watch right through to the end. This will multiply your conversions.
  • How to use Music and Visual triggers to make viewers take action and buy your services.
  • I won’t teach you the ins and outs of the software packages (that would make this course $1,000) – but I’ll point you to the best editing tutorials and resources including a Free PC editor that has all the features of a $400 + package!
  • You can submit a Video you have edited for appraisal.

Module 5 – How to Get Seen – without this you are making Videos in the dark!

  • Master YouTube. I’ve made you a time saving, easy to follow 26 minute Essential Guide to using YouTube.
  • You’ll learn YouTube tips to help syphon more traffic to your site. (Your competitors probably aren’t even aware of these methods!)
  • Discover how to share your Videos to get maximum results.
  • Discover how to attract bloggers and website owners to embed your Videos. This will boost your view count and draw people back to your own homepage.
  • How to use Video on facebook. If you aren’t using Video on facebook then you are leaving money on the table!
  • How to use Video on Twitter.
  • How to quickly add Video to LinkedIn to make you profile stand out from the rest.

In addition to the 5 Modules listed above you’ll be amazed when you go through my SHOOTING SUPERSTAR GUIDE :) where I’ll show you:

  • How to set up a low budget but high quality home studio to get headturning results.
  • How to get that clean White Background look with a Pocket Cam that would cost you $$$ if you paid a pro to make it for you!
  • Bad Audio will lose you viewers in SECONDS. I’ll show you how to squeeze the best possible Audio out of your pocket cam.
  • The essential rules of composition. Learn these rules and your shooting level with improve overnight.
  • How to handhold your camera to avoid making your prospect seasick! (Never a good move.)
  • How to shoot close-up physical objects like crafts or books.
You get all the in depth Video based training PLUS my 3 BONUSES worth $221 on their own!

BONUS 1 – 45 mins Training Session – “How to Shine on Screen (Without Fear)” (Value $97)

  • I’ve worked with dozens of TV experts new to being on camera .. I’ll show you how to be your best possible self in your Videos. You’ll discover …
  • How to feel more confident and become a natural in front of the lens. (Looks not important)
  • How to set up your shot to maximise your appearance.
  • How to deliver your words to make your viewers take action.
  • The secrets of the TV Pros that can turn you into the leading ‘on camera’ talent in your niche.
  • You get this extra training complimentary when you join Pocket Video Power!
BONUS 2 – 45 mins Training Session – “How to make YouTube Videos that Rock!” (Value $97)

  • YouTube is the new TV right? So how about learning some TV Directing tricks to make your Videos fly off the screen!
  • How to make your Videos more entertaining even if you think your biz is boring :)
  • How to think (and act) like a Producer.
  • I’ll analyse 2 successful Videos and show you how one Entrepreneur made $1m in sales starting on YouTube with a $500 Video!
BONUS 3 – You also get my exclusive EBOOK full of Profitable Video ideas for a whole range of businesses (Value $27)

“I looked back at 3 of my videos and saw right away what’s wrong with them. As far as cost is concerned, you wouldn’t be able to commission a 20 second video for the price of this training that empowers you to create hours of footage. It’s a great video course!”
Max Alter, Intelligent Choices Ltd.
“I was amazed with the quality we squeezed out of my Camera. Jules is the real Pocket Video King!”
Fred Caballero, Social Media
“Your programme is absolutely first class and I wish I’d seen it before I spent £3,000 on professional video production!”
Scott Watson, Summit Training

“Pocket Video Power is excellent! I have learned so much from it. Without question, it is the best course I have ever done online. I’ve picked up so many good things I should be doing to make better videos and to get them seen … If you buy nothing else this year for your business, then buy Pocket Video Power.”
Mike Cliffe-Jones, The Beyond Blogging Project

Here’s my SPECIAL OFFER .. you can get all the training right now for ONLY …

$370 $97
This is a ONE TIME payment NOT recurring and you can watch and rewatch the videos including any updates I make whenever you choose. PLUS you get an unconditional 60 day moneyback guarantee administered by Clickbank!
So please hit the Yellow Button and get instant access to the training.

  • I understand the price I will be paying today for Pocket Video Power is just $97!
  • I understand that I will get unlimited access to the training and I can watch the modules as much as I want, whenever I want.
  • I understand that after making my payment, I will instantly receive login information giving me immediate access to all the training and bonus items (be sure to whitelist email from ””).
  • I understand this is online, 100% web video based training and that I will access all of the training via the Web.
  • I understand I have zero risk to me thanks to your unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

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